It’s Like Christmas


It’s Like Christmas

As I drive along “my” office street in Albuquerque, I see new and old people sleeping on the sidewalk. I pop my head outside my car and say “I have some blankets. Anyone need one?” A woman whose head is already outside her blanket nods and shyly smiles. I hand her a blanket and we chat about the weather and how the sun may shine later.

Three or four more heads appear out of their cocoon of blankets and jackets and just look at me. So I take the blankets down the row and each one takes one. I hand out five new blankets with their plastic wrapping still on it.

Then I pull out socks that have been given to me to be distributed to the homeless. They are different weaves and colors so I offer choices. It always seems to delight them that they get…

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Review of “The Reluctant Warrior” by Mary Connealy

The Reluctant Warrior by Mary Connealy book coverReview of “The Reluctant Warrior”
“High Sierra Sweethearts–Book Two” by Mary Connealy

I did not read “The Accidental Guardian” which was book one in this series, but I could see from reading “The Reluctant Warrior” that it must have set the stage for this book two.
And even though I did not read book one, I still enjoyed book two immensely and did not have any problem making sense of the story.

The “Reluctant Warrior” was a title that peaked my curiosity.
Who was this “Reluctant Warrior” and why would a warrior be reluctant I wondered.
The storyline was not obvious. It took me until the books final pages to find out, which is good writing that keeps one glued to the story to the end.

The story is set in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in April 1868. Even though the calendar may say Spring, in the mountains it was still bitterly winter and the characters had to not only fight to survive the natural elements, they also had to fight to survive a human enemy who was a cold-blooded killer.

If you like reading historical romance set in the West with adventure and drama included, then you will most surely enjoy reading this book.
I know I did, and I look forward to reading the next book in this series as I am expecting from the way it ended that there will be a book three.

I received this book free as I was chosen a winner in an online book giveaway presented by Mary Connealy and Bethany House Publishers.
I was not required to give a favorable review, but chose to do so, and all comments are my own.

–Leona J. Atkinson

Review of “Not Your White Jesus” by Sheri Faye Rosendahl

Not Your White Jesus book coverThis book, “Not Your White Jesus” is different from any book I have seen because it deals with a very touchy subject which is something that has recently been a controversial subject–“White Jesus”.

I first heard the name “White Jesus” last year from a friend who was doing biblical research and brought up the idea that Jesus Christ was not white in skin color and that He was much different than the Jesus many churches worship now. At first, I was a bit taken back by this info but the more I thought about it, it made sense and so, I was intrigued to see that someone had written a book about this very subject.

This book “Not Your White Jesus” has some good points, but overall I felt it was mostly just a rant about today’s Christians and today’s churches.

The language was a bit rough and unpolished for me and the thoughts quite radical and I did not completely finish reading this book because I lost interest in it. Perhaps if it had been presented in a more loving, less radical but teaching way, it may have had a better effect on me.

Although, I do agree that Jesus Christ was most likely not white, and that many churches nowadays may not present Him as He truly was, I cannot say that I fully agree with all this book said.

I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review and all these thoughts are my own.

–Leona J. Atkinson

Review of “Shelter of the Most High” by Connilyn Cossette


Shelter of the Most High book coverReview of “Shelter of the Most High” by Connilyn Cossette
The second book in the “Cities of Refuge” series.

After enjoying reading “A Light on the Hill”, the first book in this series, I was most anxious to read this second book and I was not disappointed.

“Shelter of the Most High” is perhaps a more romantic novel than “A Light on the Hill” was but it does not lack in interest, drama, intrigue, excitement, sadness, sorrow, surprise and shock!

The story shows two types of peoples, those who know and follow Yahweh, the One True God and those who follow a religion with many pagan gods. It shows how their lives and relationships differ as they come to interact with one another.

As I read through this story I found it showed me many different things:

It showed how difficulties and loss can be the way people sometimes find the One True God if they do not really know Him yet.

It showed how God’s divine purpose for our lives maybe way different than our hopes and dreams and how His purpose ends up being the better one, even though at times it may not seem so.

It showed how religion is much different than a loving relationship with Yahweh, the One True God.

It showed how bitterness, un-forgiveness and revenge can lead to destruction.

It showed the provision and love of God even for those who yet do not know Him, and how He uses life events and people to draw people to Himself.

This book was a delight to read in many ways from beginning to end and I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series.

(I received this book from Bethany House Publishers but was not required to give a positive review. All opinions are my own.)

–Leona J. Atkinson

Werewolf by Kaze

So sad.



     She looks like she may be twenty-five. At first, she asks me for a bag for her socks. I hand her one and smile.

     “My name is Marie,” she says.

     She sees the bag of combs that my friend has. “Can I have the purple one?” she asks.

    My friend hands her the purple one and Marie explodes in disorganized hallucinations. “You changed the color and the size. Why did you do that? I wanted the purple one. 250,000 soldiers are going to die for what you did.”

     Her rant continues and she walks away. The other homeless people on the park bench look away.

     Harry says in a low voice, “She’s real bad today. Some days she has it under control.”

     Marie comes back. She beings to shout. “You are a werewolf. You should not have changed the combs. You are…

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Book Review of “Hope Your Heart Needs” by Holley Gerth

Hope Your Heart Needs Book CoverBook Review of “Hope Your Heart Needs” by Holley Gerth

“Hope Your Heart Needs” by Holley Gerth
“52 Encouraging Reminders Of How God Cares For You”

If you are familiar with the author Holley Gerth you know how encouraging her words can be and how easy it is to read and relate to her books. If you aren’t familiar with her, you will soon be, as you begin to read this book. It will read like a close friend is speaking with you, a friend who knows how you are feeling and wants to share hope and encouragement with you.

This book may be small in size (6″ by 4″) but it is packed with hope, help and encouragement for every life situation you may be facing. It is not a book that you read just once and put away. It is a book that you want to read daily, over and over, one that you will want to keep nearby to pick up and read whenever the need arises.

My favorite thing about this book is that each of it’s 52 Chapters is titled with one of God’s Names based on His attributes or character. If you have ever studied God’s Names you know there is one for every circumstance you might encounter.

Are you having a really sad, sorrowful day filled with heartache and tears? Read Chapter 19 titled “Tear Catcher” and you will find instant comfort, at least I did.

Or, maybe you are stressed out and frustrated, you just need a break, someone to step in and give you some strength and support, someone who Chapter 21 says is our Sustainer. “Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me.” Psalm 54:4 tells us.

And, there are many more Chapters that you will easily find yourself relating to such as Helper, Guide, Friend, Comforter, Provider, One-Who-Sees, Rescuer, Healer, Caretaker, Forgiver, Purpose-Giver, and many more.

I really recommend this book as a great daily resource to keep on hand.

I received this book free from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group, in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to give a favorable review, but have chosen to do so.
All thoughts are my own.

–Leona J. Atkinson